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Looking for love?

La Liefde (social dating coach) helps you!
You deserve that unconditional love.

La Liefde provides modules, coaching and events.

© Nathan Dumlao


You want to be in a relationship?
(La Liefde) La Love can help you!
© Nathan Dumlao

For who?

La Liefde helps singles find love. I am an inclusive dating coach and I believe in your desire to make this journey a success, with the right tools. Allow yourself to be loved!


  • I want to learn more about dating and being successful

  • I am looking for love

  • I want to finally find the right partner now!

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above statements? Then La Liefde is here for you! La Liefde teaches you the skills you need, for example in (online) dating.

Want to check if La Liefde suits you? Let's get in contact.

How can La Liefde help?


Coaching is tailor-made, everyone is unique. Together, we'll assess where you need coaching and embark on a journey. And all of this at your own pace, of course.


Modules will soon be available online so you can start working on the topics within dating that are relevant to you!


With each module, you'll receive 1 FREE COACHING SESSION!

Events and (online)

La Liefde organizes events to bring singles together! Each event has its own theme. Think of a speed dating night. Curious about the events? Check out the calendar.

Who am i?

Hello I am Laura! I live with my 2 cats and my boyfriend.
I discovered that I wanted to go into the healthcare field. Then I started a HBO AD Social Work, which I successfully completed. I then worked as a supervisor/aid with coordinating tasks. However, I wanted more, I wanted to connect people! I saw how people struggled with the social aspect and how much people really want to fall in love! So then I started a dating coach education and I wanted to put this into practice with my own initiative: 
La Liefde (La Love). Please note: this is NOT a dating site.


I believe that everyone wants to experience connection and love and that this is an essential part of life.
But sometimes that connection is a bit more difficult to find. I am not inexperienced with panic, etc. either.
I understand how difficult it can be to show yourself and to create that connection. But i believe that as long as you are your unique self, you will attract the right people! But it can be nice to gain skills and knowledge along the way, this makes you dare to the take the steps neccessary. I believe in you!



  • (Prikkelarme) speeddate avond 45+
    (Prikkelarme) speeddate avond 45+
    20 oktober 2023
    Amersfoort (café de Rooie Cent)
    20 oktober 2023
    Amersfoort (café de Rooie Cent), Hooglandseweg-Zuid 34A, 3813 TC Amersfoort, Nederland
    20 oktober 2023
    Amersfoort (café de Rooie Cent), Hooglandseweg-Zuid 34A, 3813 TC Amersfoort, Nederland
    Een (prikkelarme) speeddate avond voor mensen van 45+ jaar, de avond wordt gehouden in het centrum van Amersfoort. AANMELDINGEN GESLOTEN, VOL!
  • The anonymous Q&A about relationships, dating, etc.
    The anonymous Q&A about relationships, dating, etc.
    Every friday 11.00-12.00
    Instagram Live
    Every friday 11.00-12.00
    Instagram Live
    Every friday 11.00-12.00
    Instagram Live
    Don't miss your chance! Do you recognize this? You have a question about: Relationships, Love, Dating and/or Friendship and you are looking for professional advice? Then submit your question (anonymously) for the question round!


Thanks for submitting!

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