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Available soon: Online Dating Module

Do you constantly have issues with online dating? You are looking for something serious, the other person is not... or so it seems.

What to do?

In this module I will teach you all the ins and outs about online dating, including tips for
your own behavior.

What is covered, among other things:

  • The best dating sites

  • How to create an optimal profile

  • Online conversation/communication

  • Recognizing and adjusting patterns


  • Learn at your own pace

  • Easy to apply

  • One-time investment of only X euros



There is also room for coaching within the module. With coaching, I will support you individually with the module. This way you can delve deeper into the material and the process will certainly go faster! We will have a short communication line.

Coaching includes:

  • Share updates about your journey, share how you are doing

  • I will give you feedback on your journey

  • Option to navigate through it quickly and have easy contact with me me as a coach (whatsapp, call)

Leave your email if you want to know more about this!


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